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Packing light for your next dive trip (avoid overweight charges)

What to bring on your scuba diving vacation

Getting ready for a dive vacation?

Basic items useful for the tropics:

• waterproof sun block, SPF 30 and higher
• hat, keep that head and neck covered from the sun.
• sun glasses
• insect repellent, it is the tropics after all.
• waterproof bag for camera and towel.
• prescription drugs
• Pepto-Bismal, Tylenol, etc
• small flash light
• shampoo and cream rinse (store in luggage)
• anti-biotic cream
• anti-itch cream
• light rain jacket
• water shoes
• calling card – purchase at destination
• About $200, in traveler's checks

For divers:
• dive certification card
• log book
• Padi medical release form
• doctor’s note (if required)
• your own mask and fins
• defog for mask
• 3 mil suit, shorty or full (protection from sea life)
• underwater camera

Save a dive kit:
• O-ring kit, batteries, spare dive light
• Defogger
• extra Mask strap
• extra Fin strap
• Tie wraps, silicon snorkel retainers
• Blunt lockable scissors
• Ginger for sea sickness
• Hair tie (women)
• Adjustable wrench
• Phillips and flat screw drivers

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